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Configure One Europe, based in Harlow, is the European subsidiary of its US parent ...

Configure One Europe, based in Harlow, is the European subsidiary of its US parent and is responsible for marketing CONCEPT ™ Configure One’s enterprise configuration software.

CONCEPT ™ is an innovative modular software suite that enables companies to design and manufacture quote customised products quickly and easily.

The software increases efficiency, reduces costs and improves lead-times to the customer with a return on investment in just 6-8 months.

Jon Lidbury, co-founder of the company, recognised the potential of the growing demand for the software in Europe and beyond. “Our role is wide-ranging,” he explains. “We are responsible for marketing, technical sales, implementation, training and ongoing support. The sales process is complex because a lot of people are involved in decisionmaking and we find that consultancy and advice are essential to winning the business.

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